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Win-Loss-No Decision Sales Cycle Study and Prospective Customer Engagement Process Study

Steve Martin has conducted “Win/Loss/No Decision Sales Cycle” and “Prospective Customer Engagement Process” studies for many leading companies including IBM, EMC, AT&T, Oracle, TELUS, Acxiom, and PayPal. To accomplish these studies he has interviewed hundreds of C-level executives and countless mid-level managers and lower-level personnel about their experiences during sales calls, presentations, and demonstrations.

These studies will help focus your sales organization, increase accountability, and improve forecasting visibility. They provide the strategic framework to prioritize deals, real-world strategies to improve overall sales execution, and practical tactics to maintain account control so deals close more quickly. The study results can also be easily communicated to new sales hires to encourage faster productivity.

The information from these studies will also help improve overall product messaging, solution positioning, and provide important customer feedback to improve all aspects of the pre- and post sales process (lead generation, marketing collateral, implementation consulting, and customer support).For an example, the PayPal study provided important decision making insights and metrics of top 100 eCommerce Merchants. Click here to read the white paper titled Study of PayPal and Bill Me Later Alternative Payment Methods at Top 100 eCommerce Merchants. In addition, the study establishes the common language used to synchronize on how sales leadership, salespeople, system engineers, marketing, consulting, engineering, and support talk about accounts.

A company’s success is determined by the sales department’s ability to winover new customers. Steve Martin’s studies go well beyond the traditional examination of sales procedures. He identifies and incorporates prospective customers’ viewpoints to ensure you are employing the best engagement strategy to achieve repeatable sales success.

Client Comments:

“We thought we knew why our own prospects bought or didnít. This research and analysis provided insight that we never imagined. It gave us a conceptual framework of customer selection process behavior to predictably scale while providing our sales teams with competitive strategies and practical tactics to control our complex sales process.”
Peter Riccio, Vice President of Sales, Document Sciences, Division of EMC

“Steve Martin’s win-loss study process was deliberate and controlled, and he provided a level of credibility and confidentiality that enabled us to have a very high response rate from prospective customers. Steve’s study taught us why we really win or lose with specific types of customers, and has enabled us to dramatically improve our sales process. We are putting the information we received from this study to great use. We were in the process of upgrading our sales training curriculum, and this analysis gave us excellent direction. We are able to target specific marketing and sales messages to specific contacts within our customer base, ensuring that we’re effectively targeting their highest priority needs. We are also using the information to assist in the development or modification of product and service offerings, as we now have better insight into the areas of interest of our customers. I highly recommend Steve’s study as a source of sales force development and marketing information.”
Tom Furey, President, Standard Register Industrial

"We had a tremendous level of interview participation from executive level IT decision makers including CIOs and vice presidents of IT at key accounts. The study results are being used to improve all aspects of our sales process and post-sales account support."
Sharon Maddison, Director of Sales Enablement, TELUS

“Steve Martin’s deep knowledge of the enterprise sales process combined with his insights about the politics and personalities of customer decision making has made a profound and instantaneous impact on our organization. Based upon his recommendations, we completely changed our strategy and tactics to engage prospective enterprise customers and manage the sales process resulting in greater sales success.”
Lisa McFarlin, Executive Director, AT&T

“Steve Martin provided a great C-Level Selling session for our sales kickoff event that truly resonated with our senior sales audience. His excitement and energy left the entire audience wanting more. We then engaged Steve to conduct an extensive win-loss analysis by interviewing key decision makers at major accounts. The study results were presented to field in conjunction via regional sales training workshops to improve sales effectiveness. He did a great job!”
Pam Mallin, Director of Field Training, Sterling Commerce Division of IBM