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Sales Management Workshop

The Heavy Hitter sales management workshop is an interactive learning session specifically designed for senior sales managers. Although novice sales managers will benefit greatly by attending, the workshop goals are to reinvigorate established sales leaders with new concepts of human behavior and synchronize sales management’s role in driving account strategy to the field.

Steve Martin serves as leader, educator, and facilitator for this workshop. The workshop includes extensive individual and group exercises along with brainstorming on your toughest sales obstacles and day-to-day management challenges. The session focuses on sales leadership (managing “down” to the team) and refining sales strategy (managing “out” to the customer) and the sharing of management best practices from the world’s greatest sales organizations.

Sales Management 401

  • The Life of a Sales Manager: Managing Up, Down, and Out
  • The Power of Sales Intuition
  • Understanding Your Personality (Testing and Comparison)
  • Understanding Your Sales Management Style (Testing and Comparison)
  • Assessing and Working with the Selling Styles of your Team
  • HHiring the "Right" Salespeople
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Incentive Compensation as a Motivator (Comp plan review optional)
  • Challenges and Obstacles Brainstorming

Mentoring Your Team

  • Sales Warfare Strategies
  • Creating the Grand Strategy to Win Complex Accounts
  • Understanding How the Objective is Organized to Buy
  • Coaching Reps on Sales Tactics
  • Assessing Intelligence and Accurate Information
  • The Psychology of Selling to the C-Level
  • The Managerís Role in the C-Level Sales Cycle
  • Structuring the Customer Meeting and Presentation
  • Negotiation Strategy and Process Management

Sales Leader Best Practices

  • Sales Personnel Skills Evaluation
  • Personnel Development Strategy
  • Motivational Tips, Techniques
  • Risk Pool and Quota Attainment
  • Conducting Effective Sales Meetings

Prior to the workshop, attendees receive copies of Steve Martinís books along with a suggested reading list. The reading is easy, enjoyable, and intended to help participants prepare for a productive meeting (without being overwhelming).