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Heavy Hitter Training Format

Time is the real enemy because time is finite. There are only 30 days in a month and 90 days in quarter. In today’s world, it’s simply not feasible to take your sales organization out of the field for a week of sales training. Heavy Hitter training delivers the maximum impact in the shortest amount of time.

A workshop is typically held in conjunction with a planned sales meeting. Usually, it is at the end of the session, but frequently held at the halfway point of a multi-day meeting to break-up heavy, technical product-related training. As far in advance of the workshop as possible, each participant receives a copy of Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom or Heavy Hitter Selling depending upon the workshop topics to be covered. The book introduces the training content and serves as an on-going reference following the workshop.

Half-Day Workshop
These on-site workshops are the ideal complement to your next sales meeting where you want to improve your team’s sales skills but don’t have the luxury of time. These workshops are great for large group settings and a series of workshops can be conducted over the course of the year that “walk” the sales team through the entire Heavy Hitter training program.

1-2 Full Day Workshop
This intense on-site workshop is specifically designed to help each salesperson become a Heavy Hitter by instilling the models, strategies, and tactics as described in Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom and Heavy Hitter Selling. These longer duration clinics include a more in-depth examination of your sales obstacles, extensive self-exploratory testing, case study review, team exercises, and interactive role-playing. Each salesperson will understand how to interpret and speak each customer’s unique language and position your product depending on the customer’s needs, wants, and psychological motivations. Without the right sales strategy, persuasion and common sense are inconsequential. This workshop includes an extensive study of complex sales strategies and interactive win-loss review. Finally, the common themes and concepts gathered from detailed win-loss discussions are modeled for all to understand and learn from.

About the “Heavy Hitter” Sales Philosophy

Steve W. Martin is the founder of the Heavy Hitter sales philosophy. The philosophy is based upon understanding, anticipating, and influencing the human nature of complex enterprise sales. There are four underlying principles of the philosophy:

1. The Heavy Hitter sales philosophy is for senior salespeople who have been in the field 5, 10 and 15 years or more. It provides advanced sales strategies and real-world tactics to influence the people, politics, and executive decision making process. It is not an elementary sales program for beginning salespeople.

2. The Heavy Hitter sales philosophy is for underdog sales organizations that have to compete against the mindshare of 800 pound gorillas in their marketplace. Because there are typically little differences between the competing products and their price, the philosophy seeks to optimize the most important weapon a salesperson has—his mouth and the words he speaks.

3. The Heavy Hitter sales philosophy focuses on the most important aspect of sales: what salespeople do and say when they are face to face with prospective customers. It is predicated on preparing a psychological strategy before meetings and executing language-based tactics during calls to winover the hearts and minds of C-Level decision makers.

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4. The Heavy Hitter philosophy complements and enhances your existing sales process methodology regardless of the framework your sales organization has adopted (Miller-Heiman, Sandler, Complex Sale, CustomerCenteric Selling, etc.). It provides immediate results since it concentrates onpersonal interactions with prospective customers, not the internal processesof the sales organization.

The Heavy Hitter sales philosophy focuses on the most important aspect of sales: how to penetrate, navigate, and conquer complex enterprise accounts. It provides the missing piece of the sales training puzzle--how salespeople formulate an account strategy based upon customer politics, evaluator psychology, and the human nature of executive decision makers that are unique to every major account.