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Five Attributes of Heavy Hitter Sales Training

Heavy Hitter training addresses your most difficult sales issues.
While most sales training classes offer canned presentations of generic information, Heavy Hitter training is completely customized to your unique sales situation and specific areas of need. Prior to your session, interviews and background research are conducted to understand your market, product, and people and ensure topical relevance. More than just a “feel good” session, the goal is to deliver strategies and solutions to overcome your biggest sales obstacles.

Heavy Hitter training is a completely interactive workshop that includes extensive exercises and role-playing.
No one wants to endure endless hours of classroom lecture. Besides, learning by example is the best way to learn. Heavy Hitter training is a completely interactive workshop where everyone can ask tough questions, share their experiences, work on their weaknesses, and learn entirely new skill-sets. The workshops include extensive individual, team, and group exercises.

Heavy Hitter Selling is a memory-based sales training program.
Somehow, “successful” sales training has become associated with a thick binder of material the salesperson lugs home from the class (never to open again). Heavy Hitter training utilizes the concepts of neurolinguistics (how the mind uses and interprets language) to ensure the information covered is understood and internalized. Instead of “death by PowerPoint,” every concept is demonstrated in a highly interactive environment that emulates a typical sales call.

Heavy Hitter training builds your sales organization’s intuition.
A key element of Heavy Hitter Sales training is “Tales from the Field,” or the sharing of information by the sales teams about how they win and where they lose. These experiences are analyzed and explained using models that everyone can understand and learn from. The sharing of this “collective intuition” stops salespeople from wasting time chasing bad deals, helps create a more predictable forecast, and gives each participant (from novice to expert) real-world tactics they can use immediately.

Heavy Hitter training is fun, exciting, and enlightening.
Life’s too short not to have fun and humor plays an important role in every workshop. Far beyond the normal bonding that occurs at sales meetings, there is a genuine excitement and enthusiasm from students to apply what has been learned on the deals they are currently working and immediately on next sales calls.