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Customer Interaction Study

Study Overview

The primary goal of the Corporation Customer Interaction study is to measure the effectiveness of your company’s salespeople during face-to-face meetings and over the phone with prospective customers. To accomplish the study Steve Martin portrays a prospective customer and engage selected salespeople across your business lines from various locations. In addition, salespeople from key competitors will be engaged in order to compare their business acumen, sales pitch, and interaction strategy against yours.

The study results will be delivered in a third party objective approach with quantifiable information along with general observations and intuitive impressions. Actionable recommendations, positive reinforcement, and practical advice will be presented at your annual sales meeting to improve overall sales effectiveness

Study Components
The Customer Interaction Study consists of the following activities:

1. Study Creation

  1. Define scenarios and questions to be asked during sales and phone calls
  2. Define Interaction Measurement Criteria
  3. Select Salespeople/Business Lines/Locations to take part in the study

2. Conduct In-Person Sales Calls

  1. Conduct Face-to-Face Meetings with Selected Salespeople
  2. Conduct Face-to-Face Meetings with Selected Competitors
  3. Comparison and Correlation of Results

3. Conduct Phone Calls With Sales Reps

A) Conduct Phone Calls with Selected Salespeople
B) Conduct Phone Calls with Selected Competitors
C) Comparison and Correlation of Results

4. Presentation of Results

The final phase of the study is the presentation of the results to your sales force either in-person at scheduled meetings or over the phone and internet. The study methodology will be reviewed, themes are discussed, major and minor conclusions are presented along with recommendations and action items. The session will be extremely interactive and include detailed customer comments, findings, recommendations, exercises, and question/answer session with the field salespeople.