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Special Presidents Club Meeting Programs

Presidents Club Meeting Programs

Although the Internal Revenue Service requires you to conduct business-related meetings at your annual President’s Club, there’s no reason why the meetings have to be boring, unimaginative, and dry. Instead, reward your company’s Heavy Hitters (truly great salespeople) with a unique program they are sure to find engaging, enlightening, and entertaining.

Your Presidents Club is a once a year opportunity to recognize the contributions of the key sales leaders who have helped make your company a success. These top performers don’t want to spend half of their day listening to another state-of-the-union company update. They want to learn something new about the topics which interest them the most.

Steve Martin’s Presidents Club meeting programs are the perfect way to reward your Heavy Hitters. Because they already know how to sell, these half-day sessions focus on improving their intuitive communication skills, advanced sales strategies, and how to enjoy a successful career in sales. These programs are extremely interactive with lots of self-discovery exercises, interesting examples, and they always include a healthy dose of humor. Specific Programs are also “Guest Friendly,” meaning spouses and significant others attending the meeting are welcome to attend and will enjoy the topic.

Every attendee receives a copy of one of Steve Martin’s critically acclaimed books. These books are personally inscribed and make the perfect Presidents Club gift.

Sample Presidents Club Program Topics

Building Relationships Using Sales Linguistics (Guest Friendly Program)
Sales is the artful combination of structure and free thinking, process and people, and logic and emotions. And, the process of selling is inconsequential when compared to the roles that psychology and language play in determining the ultimate winner. In this session we review how to us sales linguistics (the study of how the mind processes and interprets language) to build relationships in all aspects of life with customers, colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Without language you really wouldn’t exist. You wouldn’t be able to share your ideas, display your personality, and express yourself to the world. The words we speak truly define who we are. However, since we are talking all the time, we underestimate the complexity of communication and take the process for granted. The conversations we have with customers are quite complex. They consist of verbal and nonverbal messages that are sent consciously and subconsciously. Successful communication is at the foundation of all relationships in all aspects of our lives; whether with customers, colleagues, friends, and family.

The Psychology of Top Performers (Guest Friendly Program)
Not all salespeople are successful. Given the same sales tools, level of education, and propensity to work, why do some salespeople succeed where others fail? Is one better suited to sell the product because of his or her background? Is one more charming or just luckier? The evidence suggests that the personalities of these Heavy Hitters salespeople play a critical role in determining their success.

Steve Martin has had the privilege of administering personality tests to top business-to-business salespeople who sell for some of the world’s leading companies. The responses were then categorized by percentage of annual quota attainment and classified into top performers, average performers, and below average performers categories.

In this session, we review the components of sales psychology and administer the personality test. The test is then scored and individuals can compare their profiles to those of salespeople, sales managers, and pre-sales technical personnel. This session is fun, lively, and personally enlightening!

“Tales From the Field” Top Salesperson Best Practices Panel
Since you have assembled all of your best salespeople from around the world, why not conduct a study to understand how and why they are successful? Steve Martin also conducts another truly unique Presidents Club offering where he interviews your Presidents Club attendees about their major business wins. However, these interviews go far beyond discussing the basics that are included in the standard success story. Steve documents the strategy, tactics, and elicits the psychological and intuitive aspects of winning the deal into a document that is designed to be shared with your entire sales organization. The themes, cases studies, and models provide valuable information that will help every salesperson understand and emulate the behavior of your Heavy Hitters. It is highly recommended this session be videotaped for review by the entire sales organization and use during the on-boarding process for new hires.

Sales Leadership 401: Attaining Career Success
Did you become a salesperson through happenstance or was it a premeditated career move? The reality is that it is not by accident you are in sales. In fact, you were destined for this profession. While others have chosen life’s mundane path, you have selected adventure and chosen to experience the highs and lows of life. Life’s far too short to play it safe, and anyone who takes risks is already a success.

However, the life of a salesperson is far from perfect. Everyone in the profession has trials and tribulations. They experience incredible highs, tremendous lows, and a constant fear of the unknown. In this session, we review the underpinnings necessary for a successful sales career and important lessons about the life of a salesperson.

We then review the role of career planning and how to become a sales manager. What are the roles, responsibilities and measurement criteria associated with this next step in career development. We review the key characteristics and personality profiles of sales leaders and conduct testing to determine personal fit and attributes.

Advanced Sales Warfare Strategies
What can salespeople learn by studying some of the greatest military figures and the most important battles in the history of mankind? If you are in sales, you are perpetually in a state of war. All salespeople are warriors who must fight the relentless march of time and enemies who are trying to defeat them daily. Sales is an intense hand-to-hand battle fought between two people who are each trying to win over the customer. The victor outsmarts, outmaneuvers, and overwhelms his enemies.

In sales, just as in war, there can be only one winner, and today’s conqueror can quickly become tomorrow’s vanquished. The deciding difference is strategy. In this program we will study the grand strategy of war and three of the greatest war strategists of all time—Sun Tzu, Napoleon Bonaparte, and George Patton—to understand how they won and what the ages have to teach us about defeating our enemies on the battlefield of business sales. If you enjoy watching the history channel, you’ll love this program.

Good to Great to Gone: A Silicon Valley Case Study
In 1991, Informix Software was just one of many database suppliers competing against Oracle, the "eight-hundred-pound gorilla." In only four years, Informix was able to challenge Oracle’s dominance, moving past all other competitors in the process. This was a truly remarkable feat, and many of the sales, marketing, and product strategies that enabled Informix to survive and succeed in tough times are directly applicable today.

As president, CEO, and chairman of the board, Phil White was synonymous with Informix Software. At the height of his popularity, he was recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s most brilliant business leaders. Today, many consider him a black mark upon the technology industry and the person responsible for one of the largest securities fraud settlements in Silicon Valley history. This fascinating behind-the-scenes program offers an insider’s perspective on the business strategies that succeeded, the products that failed, and how a technology industry titan ended up in jail.

The half-day program price is $5,000 plus $25 per attendee which includes a signed book for each attendee depending upon presentation topic. Books are sent to your main address and you are responsible for their distribution. Please note that additional fees may apply depending upon travel requirements (extensive international travel) and all travel expenses are prepaid in advance. 50% of fees must be paid in advance to lock in your program date and the remaining balance is due 30 days following the speaking engagement. All fees are non-refundable should your event date cancel. Sessions may be rescheduled without penalty depending on Steve’s availability. These programs provide a turn-key way to meet IRS meeting guidelines.

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