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Technology Sales Strategies For Senior Salespeople

Learn the Secrets of of Top Technology Salespeople


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Advanced Sales Call Strategies for Senior Salespeople


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C-Level Sales Strategy

C-Level Sales Strategies for Senior Salespeople to win Complex Accounts

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The Art and Science of
Complex Sales

Heavy Hitter Selling: How Successful Salespeople Use Language and Intuition to Persuade Customers to Buy The Prequel to Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom!

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Enterprise Sales Strategy For Senior Salespeople

Heavy Hitter Sales Wisdom: Proven Sales Warfare Strategies to Win Large Complex Accounts

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The Perfect Presenter at Your Next Sales Meeting

Steve Martin will energize, enlighten, and entertain your sales team with real-world sales strategies, proven tactics, and helpful advice delivered with a healthy dose of humor!

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Articles and Excerpts

Sales Linguistics: 7 Languages C-Level Executives Speak
Personality Study of 1,000 Top Salespeople
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Sales Psychology to Win-over Customers' Hearts and Minds
Evaluation Committee Psychology: The Bully with the Juice!
How Ronald Reagan Would Change Your Sales Presentation
Aristotle's Advice for Salespeople Today
What if General George Patton was your VP of Sales?
The Seven Deadly Sins of Salespeople
Why Does My Sales Manager Dislike Me?

What Heavy Hitter Customers are Saying

Heavy Hitter Sales Liguistics:
101 Advanced Sales Call Strategies for Senior Salespeople

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